Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zombie Outbreak Film Festival

Now as many of you know, I went to the Chicago Zombie Outbreak Film Festival hosted by Horror Society and it wasn’t bad. There were bad movies and there were very good movies and While I was there I met a lot of cool people that I had met online through Twitter. I finally met Brittney-Jade from Day of Woman, I met Ron Pringle and Jay Hawkinson and I met the real man behind Kitty Zombie. So, it was a great time and I loved it!!!!

We watched several zombie movies and I want to run down the list of them and a brief little review for each of them.

The Basement
This movie was about two guys, who walk into a hold house where an old lady died and they decide to investigate the basement. What I liked about this movie was that it was so simple but yet it really terrified me at one point. I loved the humor and I loved the characters and it was a great indie zombie movie to open the night up.

This movie, from what I can gather, it about two scientists that are working on a zombie that fell from a helicopter and they have to save them selves and… then one of them gets turned into a zombie… so… I don’t know. The whole movie was a jumbled pile of images; bad voice dubbing and glossy image effects. It made no sense and it was hard to understand.

Chemical 12-D
This short was about a man who is trying to find the cure for the zombie outbreak but he takes a collard zombie boy to test on. The test fails and the mother of the boy finds the man… and she is pissed! This short was amazing! It was sad, it was dark and the ending is like a slap in the jaw.

Tales from the Script
This was like a more comedic version of Tales from the Crypt and it had a vampire, known as Mr. Wormwood, who told the stories. It looks like an okay show and not that bad for a small budget. I think it had potential.

Stub Hub Trailer
This was 30 seconds of pure comedy; it’s about a product known as Stub Hub that turns your tired, demanding, non sexual husband into a working, sex-induced zombie… for the wives of course. I loved it and it was funny!

This long, never-ending movie was simply put… the day in the life of a zombie named Colin. It follows the zombie Colin around during the outbreak. This movie could have been good, but I don’t think the camera man or the director know what the definition of steady-cam. Too many close ups and it would start focusing on parts of the movie that didn’t need to be focused on. The acting was good and there were some good points but… it could have been A LOT better.


Directed by a 12-year-old girl… this movie is about a group of kids trying to stay alive when a deadly virus infects the town water supply and turns everybody into ravenous zombies. What I liked about this movie is that it stayed to the basics and it was really good for such a young girl to make. It had great characters and it was so compelling. It reminded me of a Goosebumps book… only a tad darker.

Zombie Girl the Movie
This was a documentary about the making of Pathogen and it had to have been the simplest, yet inspiring documentary that I had seen. It really captured the hardships and the fun times making that movie. At the end of it, I really wanted to get up and make a movie myself.

Return of the Living Dead
Well, if you want to know what I think… check out Buy Zombie for my review.


Hey! Look Behind You! said...

I didn't come in till after The Basement. Now I'm sorry I missed it.

I had a good time and I also met B.J. for the first time. She was really nice.

I didn't know how to find you so maybe at the Dec show.

Andre said...

Boo I wished I lived in Chicago sometimes!!!

Anonymous said...

So was It not bad or did you love it. Looks like you said both.

Anonymous said...

it was not bad rick, you did not love it.

penney1115 said...

The basement sounds like a good flick So does Tales from the Script. Great reviews Rick

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