Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paradise Profiles: Bohabb of YouTube

So, while posting videos under my previous YouTube account (Crane38x) I met a pretty cool person known has Bohabb and he created some of the best tribute videos of some of the best horror movies out there. Well, after my account was suspended and I decided to get a new one… I found him and I wanted to do a profile on him. I love his editing and I love his song choice and he truly has a heart set in horror movies. I sent him some interview questions. So, here is… Bohabb (Davis Bradley) from YouTube.

So, tell me why you began making your videos?

“I build costumes and props for the band Gwar and do other art related work when I can get it. I broke my back in 2003, moved home for a few years to get better. To kill time, I decided to teach myself how to use editing software. Pretty much all my You-tube vids were made as a fun way to learn editing. The Skeletor video is the only vid I shot myself. That video was made to test out some special effect stuff I was messing with at the time. I am currently back working for the band and on various other art related projects.”

So tell me a little about The Blob movie that you made.

The Blob just seemed like a funny idea. The Blob "88" was made just before CGI took off and as far as a non CGI movie goes, the effects in it are top rate.(imo) It's just a matter of time till a newer version is done in CGI.(ten bucks says it'll probably blow)”

And, the Poltergeist movie, can you tell me a little about that?

“The Poltergeist video; when I was high in school, I mean when I was in High school, I was into the hardcore punk scene and the band AOD was a favorite, so I made the "Bugs" video (Starship Troopers vid) as a "homage" to that band. Through You-tube I wound up talking with the drummer and he requested I make a video for their song "Suburbia". Thus, the Poltergeist video was born......"

And, your Thing video, I’m a huge fan of that movie. Can you tell me a little about that too?

The Thing video; I used to hang out with "Krztoff" from the band "Bile" and one thing we both agreed upon was that The Thing is a kick ass movie. The part in the video where Kurt Russell says "nobody trusts anyone anymore" is actually in the song. So when I decided to make a video using The Thing, I figured that was the best song for me to use.”

So, there you have it… what inspired and what made Davis ‘Bohabb’ Bradley to make these videos. If you want to see more of his videos that are not horror related please visit his YouTube channel here.


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