Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paradise Profiles: Obscure Horror

So, while invading Twitter I cam across an username known as ObscureHorror, and I began talking to him… little did I know he ran a website that profiled ‘obscure’ horror films and I was quickly enthralled in the site. His name is Rich Wolf and is a very awesome person and a great one to follow, both on Twitter as well as his website, if you are a horror fan. For this week’s Paradise Profile I chose to ask him a few question about his website.

Briefly, tell me a little about yourself.

“My name is Rich…I run a website called ObscureHorror.com which I’ve been doing for over 10 years. My daytime job which helps pay the bills has me playing an attorney.”

So, what got you into horror movies?

“Basically as the 80’s continued, I couldn’t keep up with the sequels and their chronologies. There was no internet nor an IMDB so frankly I knew I’d need to come up with something where I could list every movie and try to make sense of them all.”

About your website, ObscureHorror.com, what would you define as ‘obscure?’

“The original idea was movies few have seen. I doubt I can ever find a movie no one has seen but my goal was to review films not the average horror fan would see…it would then encourage them to find ‘em: video store, ebay, etc.”

Out of these movies that you reviewed… what is your favorite?

Ravenous and Hellraiser 1 & 2 are my all-time favorites. Sorry I can’t narrow to 1. But those I can watch all the time and there’s always something special about them.”

And, what was the worst one you saw?

“There’s a lot but Ax’ Em and Troll 2 are my all-time worst films… probably Ax ‘Em wins. That’s not just bad in terms of acting and plot but the quality was atrocious too!!!”

I noticed that your ‘evil clown’ picture seems to be synonymous with your website… is there a reason behind that?

“I tried a lot of scary pictures but none ever got anyone’s attention. But clowns for some reason freak people out…just the average clown. The film “It” then really cemented that fear and that has taken off. So now, seeing my evil clown face really captures people’s attention and keeps it. It scares them even though they’re so fascinated to keep looking.”

On a normal, lazy day, what would you say is your relaxation methods? What do you do on a lazy day?

“Well I do watch sports and pay attention to politics and stuff. But a lazy day I’d like to just edit my website or catch up on horror movies that I have not seen yet. Makes me feel accomplished and productive!”

You can catch Rich here at his website: ObscureHorror.com
Or, you can follow him on Twitter here: ObscureHorror
You can also catch him here on Myspace: Obscure Horror
There is even a Facebook page for Obscure Horror.

And for those who know him, he is a man of few words… but wise words nonetheless.


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