Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Satan's Little Helper Sucked

I was actually inspired to do a post on this by David McGuigan from Twitter. Apparently, to my knowing… there are a lot of people that loved the movie Satan’s Little Helper, which I had the pleasure of watching about a year an a half ago. I want to state this right now: I HATE THIS MOVIE! Yes, I loathe this movie because it was one of the worst ideas for a horror film ever!!!! You want to know why I hate it… well, below is a list of reason why I hate it

1. (And this really made me cringe) the video game “Satan’s Little Helper” looks crappier then a flash animation on the Internet.

2. The kid in the movie is an idiot. He is old enough to differentiate between reality and a video game and he looks intelligent enough not to be one of those schizophrenic kids.

3. How does this kid not know what’s going on? Does he not know right off the bad that something is wrong?

4. The killer looks like shit. It’s a stupid guy in a mask who walks around like Frankenstein and he’s so idiotic when he kills.

5. The killer killed a cat… so unexpected, so stupid and so unnecessary.

6. I think there is a bit of incest in this movie.

7. They are running people over in a shopping cart and the people getting run over act as though a truck hit them! C’mon!!!!

8. The acting was atrocious!

9. The story sounded like a good idea but the entire script is flawed.

10. (This is a bit personal) I really wished this movie was a lot more brutal. It was good enough to be a TV movie.

So there is the list… and I am prepared to get a lot of lashes for this because of so many people who actually liked it and thought it was a good movie. I was very disappointed by it and I think this is a classic case of a DVD cover looking a lot better than the actual movie.


WetOREO said...

1. I did like the way the killer looked, I'd buy an action figure of him.
2. Even though I love animals, I got a big kick outta the cat death scene.
3. The kid is supremely annoying.
4. The sister is gorgeous.
5. Kinda had a dumb ending.
6. I remember getting a few laughs out of it.

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Agree to disagree on #1 and #2 but I whole heartily agree with #4!

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