Friday, November 27, 2009

Favorite Horror Movie Family Dinners

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas upon us, I decided to take a look back on some of the most memorable family dinners of the horror genre. Note: this is not a top ten list in any way; these are just some scenes that I found personally touching when it came to horror films. With that being said, let the festivities begin!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What more can you ask for then sitting down with your psychotic family and having a family dinner… with a captive guest. They share if family dinner rituals such as traumatic taunting and child abuse. Remember, when the family tried to help the grandpa crack open the girl’s skull so that he can drain her blood? That’s what I call respecting your elders.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

If you thought the last Texas family dinner was crazy, this one is even more twisted and surreal then that last one. Chop Top is running around acting like a lunatic, grandpa is under the table talking to himself and Leatherface is duking having a chainsaw battle. Such great family memories. Much like my family, they can get really psychotic but very fun to watch… from the side… hidden… with 911 on speed-dial.

Happy Birthday To Me

Birthdays always bring out the best in family members, even if those family members are dead…
and tied up… and mutilated. Just because you may not be how you think you are doesn’t mean people should forget that you were born. This was a very touching and blood stained B-day.

Thanksgiving (2007)

Even thought it’s not technically a full movie, or a full dinner… we can’t forget that touching family dinner when the Pilgrim Killer brought everybody together tied them down and forced them to eat the remains of their friends and family… before fucking the thanksgiving turkey. These are what family memories are made of.

2001 Maniacs
There is nothing like a good old butchering of innocent young people to bring together an entire town and family… even if you are ghosts. Even better, it brings everybody together to celebrate and slaughter and dismember the bodies of all their guests. They don’t have dinners like these anymore.

Now, I know there are a lot more memorable family moments and I know that I am missing a lot of them such as the one from Troll 2… but these were some that personally captured my interest and I hope that you and your family have great family times like these guys have.

I would also like to thanks DVD Dweeb for the post suggestion.


Kelly Hogaboom said...

I was thinking of the dinner in Dead Alive... one word: custard. Was that a dinner though? It may have been a light luncheon. Either way, pretty awesome.

The Divemistress said...

Aw, no Rocky Horror? But I love that you included Happy Birthday to Me, because I don't think it gets nearly enough play.

Anonymous said...

Check out Madhouse from 1981 and Sheitan from 2008. Creepy indeed.

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