Monday, November 9, 2009

The Biography of Bub the Zombie

So, since I am a rabid fan of the movie Day of the Dead… I was always puzzled by who Bub was and how he became a zombie. He is my favorite zombie of all time and he was possibly the most innocent and funniest zombie ever on a horror film. I know his history should never be told but I decided to piece together a biography of my own based on Howard Sherman’s bio and some of the movies that he has been in. So I give you Bub’s Fictional Biography.

NOTE: After reading this, you’ll see how bored I really am.

Bub the Zombie was born as Sherman Dietz on June 11, 1949 in Chicago, IL. I am under the impression that, considering his domestication in Day of the Dead he was a very average kid who got average grades in school and wasn’t really much of a fight. I am assuming that he was an A, B and sometime C grade child and that his favorite subject was science and history. I think that when he went to middle school, that’s when he decided to go into a military career as well as becoming a scientist.

When high school came around, he really got into his military passion… taking classes such as military history as well as exceeding in gym, but he probably still had a passion for science and it was hard to single out whether or not he wanted to be a scientist or a military man. He graduated high school with honors chemistry, physics, geometry and biology and as a Valedictorian. He got a scholarship to attend Princeton and he did, but first, he decided to spend some time in the army. He took basic training as well as training to become a military scientist and this caught the eye of one of the top-level generals… General Starkey.

After getting out of basic training he decided to take up the scholarship for Princeton. There, he studied in some of the highest level science classes there and he passed every test and term paper with flying colors. He was at the top of his game. Starkey watched over him at every turn and when Sherman finally graduated with a doctorate degree in chemistry, physics and biology… Starkey approached him and offered to give him a position of being one of the leading scientists for a top-secret biological warfare weapon.

Unfortunately, his slight rise in power got to his head and he began turning into a very unlikable and cold-hearted person. He began researching on helpless people that the military would capture from across seas or people that tried to leak secret information to other countries. His shyness and quietness went out the door and he became an asshole. Of course, riding on your high horse has its downfalls… because of him and his co-workers the virus was let out and plagued the whole world and slowly started killing people. Military men were dispatched to gather as many helpless citizens and possible and use them as research dummies. Sherman was then promoted to being the lead researcher on the project.

After the military kidnapped 4 friends, 3 of them died and one of them was still living. Sherman began to collapse under pressure as all of his co-workers were beginning to die as well as the population and he couldn’t take any of it. He wondered why this one person wasn’t dying. After almost everybody in the underground lab died he snapped and he shot and killed the remaining people and confronted the 1 patient and was still living. After he tried to shoot him the patient wrestled him to the ground, took the gun and shot Sherman 6 times in the stomach… killing him.

He died while wearing a corduroy jacket, pants, a red plaid colored shirt and a white lab coat. When resurrected as a zombie due to the virus, he lost the lab coat somewhere as he walked around the lab trying to get out… the virus rendered him a walking dead person and reverted him back to his innocent yet primal instincts. Years later, he would be found by Dr. Logan.

NOTE: Though the movies I used are not connected in any way, I had to make the necessary changes to connect them including wardrobe changes and name changes. The pictures are just references. Also, if you would like to follow Bub the Zombie, he is on Twitter: Click here.


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