Monday, August 24, 2009

Soundtracks - Critters (1986)

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It has been a very long time since I did a review on a soundtrack and this time I will do a short review on a certain track from the movie Critters. David Newman composed the score for this movie and the track is titled… “Critter Skitter.” The other tracks in the soundtrack were okay but I enjoyed “Critter Skitter” a lot more since it paralleled “Gremlin Rag” in many ways. They both are synthesized but more importantly they are both fast paced and sound as though they belong in a cartoon… but “Critter Skitter” has something that “Gremlin Rag” doesn’t have: the use of a strong guitar and bell chimes.

The track starts off with electric drums and then the electric piano begins and that’s when the guitar and the bells come in and they are all fast pace. What I also like about the “Critter Skitter” is how it sounds like it belongs in an action sci-fi movie, which is rightfully so since “Gremlin Rag” sounds like a cartoon jingle. “Critter Skitter” is more dark and gloomy… more space themed. I am not ripping on Gremlins; I am simply comparing the two. It’s funny because I can just imagine the Crites running and rolling around to this song. 


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