Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sawyer Family - 1990

What do you think Viggo Mortensen will be remembered as once he becomes a little older and retires? Probably anything but Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. Yes, this time around we are discussing the Sawyer family of the sequel to the sequel to the original. This family, like the Sawyers from the second movie, don’t have any official connections to the family from the original but they still bare a lot of similarities. However, this family has been a little more expanded and there are some major changes. This isn’t really my favorite family because they just seemed a little… strange, and that is something to say when it comes down the TCM families. So, let’s discuss them.

Two of the biggest changes were the addition of two new family members and the disappearance of another. Drayton is no longer there, probably because he died since that was in the 90s. The two new characters were the little girl, who might be the younger sister or cousin of Leatherface and the old woman in the wheelchair who, I assume, was Leatherface’s mother. Again, these changes mean that they have nothing to do with the other Sawyer families unless this is another part of the family. There is also the addition of three brothers. Viggo plays the ‘cute’ brother, there is a hick-like brother that does the cleanup and there is another one. I haven’t seen this movie in a while so I can’t be sure of the third brother. Despite the changes, this family is a little closer knit than the rest because they do things together like bashing somebody’s brains in and they value their mother’s cooking. It seems like they are more of a family than the rest even though it’s a nutso family.

In this film, Leatherface is an idiot and he isn’t charismatic nor is he sympathetic but rather just a character they threw in there in order to call it Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He is the brother of Viggo and the other two and he walks around with a limp. Why? Because he has some sort of metal brace around his leg. He also has a more acute learning disability as seen threw his breaks where he tries to spell on a spelling machine. There isn’t much to say about him because he is so one-dimensional. Not the best Leatherface but certainly not the worst.

Family heirloom: The chainsaw

“The saw is family!”


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