Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photos of Autumn and Halloween

Before Halloween, around mid-fall, I found my dad’s old cameras. They haven’t been used in about 16-20 years so I decided to put them to use. He taught me how to use the Nikon N2000 and on Halloween eve and night I went around Evanston taking pictures of things that really show what autumn and Halloween is all about. Some of the pictures don’t seem to show autumn but rest assured, they were photographed during the season. I am leaving out a lot of pictures out because they got exposed to light or they were blurry. So, I hope you enjoy these pictures taken from my Nikon N2000.

Now I knew that I would run out of film well before the trick or treating stopped so I did bring my digital camera with me as well. Below are the pictures I took with the digital but again; I’m leaving a few out because they just looked too blurry or too non-organic if you know what I mean. Likewise with the Nikon, I’m very fond of how some of these photos came out. Hell, I even had a few people asking me if I wanted to take a picture of their Halloween setup. I hope you enjoy.


Bleaux Leaux said...

Lots of cool pictures here, but I really love that street shot at the end.

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