Saturday, October 2, 2010

Introducing The Mocking Halloween Series

Alright, I was meaning to post this up at the end of September but because of a vigorous moving process I have been limited to the amount of time I can dedicate to uploading posts. I am aware that I have a lot of things to post and they are piling up… I just need to find the time. However, yesterday marked the beginning of October as well as the beginning of my little Halloween riffing so to speak. I was meaning to put up my first riff of The Exorcist up yesterday but I never go the chance. Anywho, I feel as though I must explain what I am doing so that I don’t offend anybody who holds any of the movies I will be watching in high regard.

I’ve stated it on Twitter several times that I will be watching some of the classic horror movies, many of these movies I have seen over and over again and they never tire me. I hold these movies in such high regard that I look at them as influences in my life… which is why I will be bring them down a peg by harassing and poking fun of them. This is sort of an experiment that I do on a daily basis with my friend for two reasons: 1) because I can. 2) because I am considered an asshole. More importantly I look at it this way; to show how much I love these films I feel comfortable poking innocent fun at them. Believe me, I’ve harshly criticized The Thing before so this action is really quite common.

Rather than celebrate all the magnificent horror movies this Halloween, I shall be mocking horror movies for the pure enjoyment. I will be playing devil’s advocate as well as a cinematic bully but I want everybody to understand, I am doing this because I love these films. If I didn’t love them, I honestly wouldn’t be wasting my precious time with them unless I had to but I’m not. So, I present to you… *drum roll*… The Mocking Halloween series.


Anonymous said...

This should be fun!

Movie download said...

I have always been a big fan of the Halloween series. I've seen every one, and even though some of the sequels are cheesy, I thought it was still a good watch.

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