Friday, June 25, 2010

The Thing Week: Knick-Knacks and Things

Today’s post will be more or less filler but also very relevant to The Thing Week. See, The Thing has a massive cult following like horror movies often do. And like horror movies it has it’s own line of figurines and knick-knacks on the market. Of course, it’s very interesting to see just how popular a movie is based on the line of parody knick-knacks and accessories that are released. I’m sure there are other toys and accessories out there that I am missing but these are just some of the ones that I found both amusing and pretty cool looking.

The Thing was also feature in issues #72 of Rue Morgue Magazine with a nifty looking cover depicting the Norris Thing. Inside they have interviews with John Carpenter, Rob Bottin, Kurt Russell and Keith David.

And of course you have accessories.

The above shirt is courtesy of Fright Rags with very detailed artwork again showing the Norris Thing. If you are interested in purchasing this shirt, please head to Fright Rags here.

Again, I know I am missing a lot more but these are what I can find on such short notice. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Cool/weird coincidence-I just got the Collector's Edition of The Thing (after suffering through the truncated cable version just one too many times)so seeing all these posts makes me really want to check it out now!Great write ups on a great movie! Rob

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