Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Relive the Paranoia

Since The Thing Week is over, I figured that I would create this page so that you can easily navigate through all the Thing posts that I published for The Thing Week. That way you don’t have to sift through the actual feed. I’ll also have the links to my reviews as well as trivial stuff dealing with The Thing that I previously published. So in essence this is somewhat of a recap.

The Thing Week (6/21 - 6/27, 2010)
My Childhood Encounter
Ode to the Original
The Beauty of Puppets
A Tribute to Albert Whitlock
Knick-Knacks and Things
In Memoriam
‘Ice’ from The X-Files
The Thing Game Retrospective
Review – The Thing by Kevin Carr
Review – The Thing by Death Rocker
The Legacy of The Thing

The Thing Week (6/20- 6/26, 2011)


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