Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Thing Week Coming Soon to Paradise of Horror

If you have been following me on Twitter I’ve been announcing, here and there, a little blogathong that I will be doing that was inspired by several other blogathons (most notably Romero Week at Freddy In Space). This blogathon will be one week long and will focus on my number 1 favorite horror movie of all time… John Carpenter’s epic horror remake The Thing. The event will hopefully take place on June 21st and end on June 27th. During the coarse of the entire week and weekend I will be talking about certain aspects of the film as well as the film in pop culture, and I will end in a post that deals with the horror community and that’s where YOU come into play.

You see, I want the horror community to share with me some of their personal stories while watching The Thing and they can range from how it felt the first time you saw the film, to how it affected you as a child to how it influenced you as a horror fan. The Thing was not a box office success but to us horror fans it’s one of the most important pieces of horror history and especially remake history. So, if you want to help me out… you can send me you stories in written format to the email listed below. Each story should be no more than 200 words and it will go in the concluding post at the end of the week.

If you do not want to participate in contributing to the concluding post you can take part in the event in another way; you can write up a post on your own blog or website about The Thing… that way the event can spread around from blog to blog just like the virus in the film. Also, if you want to contribute a logo for the event you are free to do so, otherwise I’ll just use the one that I created.

So… have at it. I am hoping that this will be a fun little event for me on a personal level and I hope the same for all my readers and all the participants.

Email me at: jamhorner@yahoo.com


The Mike said...

Sounds cool dude. I'll try to whip something up.

cinderelly said...

i do love "the thing"! and most things john carpenter does! i can post on my blog and link it to you! i am really liking your blog!

TerrorScribe said...

I think I've got a light week next week. I can probably come up with something as well.

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