Friday, May 7, 2010

Super 8 (My Speculation)

Okay, so the news Abrams buzz around the blogosphere is this new trailer entitled Super 8, which was supposed to have played during the previews for Iron Man 2. I saw Iron Man 2 last night and saw no trailer at all. People have speculated that it is a Cloverfield prequel and although I do not want to see a prequel, if Abrams is behind it… I will. BUT, now that I found out that Abrams is collaborated with Spielberg and that is has something to do with Area 51, I have an idea of what it might be.


A while ago Oren Peli said that he was working on another ‘found footage’ movie that has to deal with Area 51 and whatnot. Personally, I think that this is what the movie is. Spielberg produced Paranormal Activity and it would make sense that they would hire a viral genius like JJ Abrams to market it after Cloverfield. I don’t know if this is all true because I am just assuming. I did not see the trailer and I know a blog surfaced that is dedicated to the new Super 8 project. They recently posted a ‘script’ for the Super 8 trailer but I did not read it.

Some people have stated that it can’t be a Cloverfield prequel because… well, how do you make a movie about how the monster came to New York? If this was a prequel then there is much to talk about before the events that happened in New York, for example: The Chuai Station disaster, Jamie and Teddy, T.I.D.O. Wave and Tagruato’s position. The point is, nobody knows what this movie is but I am willing to bet that it is that Area 51 movie.

Note: This is all pure speculation based on what I allowed myself to read.


raculfright_13 said...

if you want to see the trailer I have it uploaded on my blog. It's a bootleg but the quality isn't too bad.

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Thank you for actually uploading it to Blogger!! I think that my speculation is correct after seeing the trailer.

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