Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Personal Horror: Alien Abduction

This post is inspired by Dod March’s post entitled Roots of Personal Horror, Volume 1. I figure this would be a great exercise in expression one reason why I am attracted to certain types of horror; in this case, that horror comes from beyond the stars. Here is my experience with extra terrestrial life.

NOTE: I am not making this up, nor was it a dream like how I previously thought.

June 1998
I remember this night quite fondly because I thought it was a dream but as I remember it more and more, I never really woke up from it… so therefore it must have been real life. It was one of those really nice nights the summer had and I was out of school. I remember watching cartoons before I went off to bed, brushing my teeth and having my mom check in on me to make sure I was okay and that night was no exception. The only thing that was different was the wind was blowing hard that night.

It was around midnight or maybe a little after when I woke and I couldn’t move. My hands were as if they were glued to my side and I couldn’t movie them. I kept looking around myself to see if I was tied down or to see if I can break free… that was until I looked outside my window. Standing outside of my window in my backyard were 4 things staring up at me; these things looked human only they were shorter and they had oversized heads. I noticed that the wind had stopped blowing, and not that it calmed down, it literally was dead outside. In the loudest of voice I yelled, “MOM!” but nothing came out of my mouth. I yelled and yelled but nothing came out. I looked back down at the backyard and saw those 4 things run into my house. I yelled again but still nothing came out.

I looked over to my room door and saw a bright white light and shadows of those thing’s feet. They were trying to figure out how to work the door or something. The door began to shake and I tried wiggling out of my restraint but I couldn’t free myself. My heart began to race and I could feel my muscles tightening and it one desperate attempt I screamed louder than I ever did, “MOMMY!” The light suddenly disappeared and the figures vanished. The hallway lights went on and my mom came running into my room. I looked outside and saw that the wind was blowing again and when my mom asked what happened I felt compelled to tell her the truth but instead I told her I had a bad dream.

Afterwards, I began to do research on what happened. You see, I was an X-Files fan then but I hated the alien episodes ‘cause I never understood them… so I never watched them. After that experience I began to watch them and they mentioned the stages of alien abduction. I went to the library and found out that the abduction claim that The X-Files made was true.

There are 8 stages of abduction and I only experienced half of one and that was the narrative known as ‘Capture.’ In the beginning, the abductee will under go a shift into an altered state of consciousness. This state makes the person usually calm and relaxed before the incident. I experienced this as I allowed myself to drift off into sleep; the wind made me unusually calm that night. The state of calmness then transitions to a state known as ‘limited self-willed mobility,’ which is temporary paralysis. Here, the paralysis prevents the abductee to movie or yell. Afterwards, there is usually a very bright light that appears (presumably a UFO) either inside our outside of the house. Humanoid figures often accompany the bright light as the abductee rises to the craft. Some have claimed that they were abducted prior to sleep. I can safely assume that I wasn’t abducted but as far as I am considered, I experience and encounter of the Fourth Kind.

I will never forget that incident and still to this day I believe it really happened and is one of the reasons why I love to study about aliens and UFOs, and why I love movies that deal with it. It’s scary, especially if you personally went through it.

P.S. Thank you Dod for inspiring me.


Anonymous said...

google "sleep paralysis"

Dod March said...

You're welcome, and thank YOU for a great read! I love hearing about and discussing what scares or creeps us out individually. It's a personal thing and it's so interesting to find out what makes our horror-inspired minds tick!

As always, my friend, another great post!

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