Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Thought on Night of the Living Dead

This was something that came to mind as I watched Night of the Living Dead for the 30-something-time and it’s just me thinking out loud. Also, I want to remind everybody that I love Night of the Living Dead and in no way am I bashing it but if you watch a movie, especially one that you love, you begin to notice things and you sometimes begin to have a little fun at the films expense. I love The Blob ’88 but if you pay attention to one of the ending scenes when the blog is attacking the town, somebody in the crowd ties their shoes before they run away.

Well, as I watched Night I understand that Barbara is severely traumatized but after a while in the movie it seemed as though she went from trauma to just being really stoned or tripping. Specifically, I am talking about the scene in which Barbara starts to lay down on the couch and caress the lace on the couch arm. I never really thought about it until now but it does seem as though she is drugged out of her mind, and I am sure there is a reason for this but to the casual viewer… she looks hopped up on happy pills.

Come to think of it, I should really vent out my random thoughts more often. Also this post was inspired by a post that was originally on The Horror Digest.


Andre said...

I'm so flattered I inspired your random thoughts on Barbra's possible drug addiction! Hehehe. Which post was it, the NOTLD review or when I talked about how Barbra is a champion barefoot runner. Which come to think about it...is a possible argument against her doing drugs. Interesting!

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Actually I don't think it was a NOTLD post you did but just a random thought post in general. I figured, If Andre can do it... so can I! :)

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