Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Paradise of Horror's Hotel List

Greetings from The Paradise everybody!

We are excited to announce that we have a few new hotels that have opened here on the island. It’s a work in progress and if you have any hotels that you would want to see build here, please let us know. Considering the population is 20,000+ we need to start accommodating your housing needs.

The Paradise of Horror offers a wide range of luxurious hotels to affordable homely motels. There is much to choose from and we encourage that you try them all out.

Rating Key:
**** - Luxury Hotel
*** - Deluxe Hotel
** - Moderate Hotel
* - Value Hotel

Below is a list of our hotels you can find on The Paradise.

**** The Overlook Hotel: This hotel offers the best in snow and skiing sports, and has a great rustic atmosphere to it. It’s one of our more prestigious hotels but don’t let the ghosts frighten you from its charm.

**** The Hotel Dolphin: This pricy but very beautifully designed hotel offers their guests spa and gym services and 5-star dinning. Each room is made maintained very carefully by their staff and for it’s guests, it’s like a whole other frightening world.

**** The Hollywood Tower Hotel: Though it’s far away from Hollywood, this hotel managed to stay elegant and classy. Many famous movie stars have stayed here and praised its electrifying service and upscale suites. Parties are annually hosted at The Tip Top Club.

**** Pacific Grand Hotel: A very classy edition to The Paradise; this hotel offers it’s guests regular ballroom parties. Geared towards the younger crowd; the hotel has a long record of killer service and beautiful art deco architecture.

*** Wessex Hotel: Not as luxurious as some of our other hotels, but it’s still a beautiful hotel nonetheless. This hotel is so wonderful the guests check in but never check out. Nightly games are plaid on the 13th floor.

*** Lakeview Hotel: Many occupants of praised this hotel for having a very welcoming atmosphere to it. The theme this hotel offers is rustic country, as though were sleeping in Small Town, USA. Although its the surreal quality that sets this hotel on fire.

*** The Mountaintop Motel: We are proud to announce that the motel’s original owner Evelyn has returned to her managerial position and after much delay the motel has resumed its function. Drop by and say hello, we’re sure she’ll roll heads.

** Hobb’s End Inn: Notoriously known for being a less expensive as the rest of the hotels but keeping that classy look for it’s residence. It’s beautiful oak and cedar décor is world-renowned and we’re positive that it will drive any horror fan mad.

** Candleglow Inn: Also located in the mountains of The Paradise, this hotel offers its residence affordable ski housing and a nice warm, comfy place to stay. Though it may be small, it sure keeps the big bugs out.

* The Bates Motel: This is one of our more infamous hotels on The Paradise and it’s within a suitable price range too. The hotel still retains its classic 1940s look and the owner is very nice. The Bates Motel is also known for its hospitality and putting the customers first. Lucky guests may catch a glimpse of the owner’s mother.

* The Pine-Wood Motel: A throwback to the old 50s style architecture; a very spunky man who loves seeing his guests happy runs this motel. You can call ahead for reservations but we do have to warn you, the employees love to play games.

* The Motel Hello: This is another one of our more famous motels. Owned by Vincent and his loving daughter, these two really know how to make you feel at home and they serve up great food too. Everything is home cooked and seasoned just right for its occupants. If you’re one of the lucky ones… then you might be able to see how everything works.

Please call ahead for reservations. If you have any request for hotels, please leave us a comment and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our hotels and hopefully we’ll see you around The Paradise of Horror.

- Johnny


forestofthedead said...

Holy cow man, that is an impressive list there. I'd like a room at The Mountaintop Motel, preferably with a sack in it.

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