Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Amazing Fewdio and the Daywalt Fear Factory

Today I have finally gotten around to watching a couple of really good horror shorts on YouTube that a lot of people were talking about. These horror shorts came to the to you by Fewdio Horror and the very talented Drew Daywalt (and occasionally co-director David Schneider) The reason why I am making this post is because I have heard a lot about Bedfellows and then I realized that it was too long since I actually neglected to give Fewdio an article on my site. So, I decided to post up my favorite short horror movies by Fewdio and why I love them. However, I realized that there are way too many good horror shorts by Fewdio so it was very tough to actually lower the list down to five.

The Easter Bunny is Eating My Candy

It’s Easter and there’s something terrifying in the house, and it’s not the Easter Bunny… or is it?
Out of the ones the shorts that I saw, I really liked this one the most because it’s dark and I didn’t expect it. Half of me expected to see a mutated Easter Bunny but not an imposter. Plus, I don’t like those psychopathic home invader movies. They freak me out.


This was also a really good movie because again, it surprised me. Not surprised in the sense of being scared but in the story direction. I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody but one character in the movie dies and I didn’t think that would happen. It’s also a story that, if you really look closely at it, it’s a plea to respect homemade dummies.


Horror always follows the phone that rings in the middle of the night…
This was the short that started this whole post. I actually jumped when the ending hit and much like the home-invader movies, films that deal with ‘things’ in the bed have always struck a nerve with me. I used to have nightmares like this.

Vargel Geroth, Monster from Hell

I really enjoyed this one because it’s a horror comedy. The first act you are anticipating something and you’re waiting for that kill. The second act is pretty damn funny and you realize that the anticipation was a waste. The third act blindsides you and makes you jump out of your seat and at the same time causes you to laugh a little.


Does driving along at night give you the creeps? It will now.
I love this movie simply because of how simple the storyline is. Throughout the whole movie you are waiting for something, and one of the lines alludes to what might possibly happen. However, the scare in this movie is so satisfying because it really uses the audience’s attention to its advantage.

Of course, Dew Daywalt doesn’t just work for Fewdio but he has his own production company known as The Daywalt Fear Factory. Now, the YouTube page doesn’t have much on it but it does have three short films that I saw.

Fridge Monster

Terror lurks behind closed doors.
This was a fun movie that I thought had a very original story to it. I enjoyed how the story was told in voice over and the little scare at the end startled me a little. Hell, I even love the idea of monster living in a fridge.


What kind of cosmic events do we trigger when we mete out our own justice?
This one, honestly, wasn’t my absolute favorite. It had great acting and I liked the idea of a darker Groundhog’s Day though.

Suicide Girl

A young woman’s suicide video acts as a catalyst for horror from behind the grave.
This film is like Carrie meets The Ring. I would have said Feardotcom but that movie was shit. This film, however, was really good and really moody. One scene in particular was nerve racking and I wanted to scream at the computer.

All in all, I want to show my appreciation for what Fewdio and The Daywalt Fear Factory have contributed to online/indie horror filmmaking. Their movies are so simple in terms of story yet they evoke a great level of fear for the audience. It’s indie short filmmaking at it’s best and they make movies not because they have to or to try to out-beat others, but simply because they have a love for horror and because they want to. The entire Fewdio team and Drew Daywalt are all very talented people and I cannot wait for more short movies.

Also, don’t’ forget to check out Drew Daywalt’s new web series Camera Obscure, coming soon early this year. View the official trailer for Camera Obscure by clicking here.

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Al Bruno III said...

Wow. I have seen the future of horror and apparently it's on Youtube!

scolefiction said...

Thanks so much for this post! I have never heard of Fewdio or Daywalt and I am sorry that I hadn't! The Easter Bunny is Eating My Candy was completely my taste, so to speak. Cheers for getting them out there to the ones under the rocks like myself. Cheers!

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