Friday, February 5, 2010

Horror Podcasts

Today’s post will be an ongoing thing and I will be discussing my favorite horror podcasts. As many of you guys may know, by following my tweets, that I love listening to horror podcasts at night when I am bored. Hell, I even quote some of the things that I hear on the podcast. Even as I write this I am listening to the Cadaver Lab Horror Podcast. Well, I recently asked a question on Twitter, asking if there are any horror podcasts that people listen to. Well, I was given a good dozen of them and some of them have now made my favorites list. So, without further explanation… I give you my favorite horror podcasts.

NOTE: This is not a top 5 list.

Radio Disgusting
Yeah, Bloody Disgusting is one of the top dogs in horror news but their hosts (Tex Massacre, Horror Guy and David Harley) are so funny and the chemistry they have together is so entertaining that I never once got bored by their discussions. Plus, a majority of their opinions I can actually agree with. They have awesome guests and they don’t give a fuck about what they say on the air.

FearShop Horror Podcast
Your hosts Frank and Mike, from, host this wonderful podcast. I love it because their banter and bickering back and forth make the podcast so much more enjoyable. Mike being the person who looks at film from an analytical point of view and Frank being the person who looks at the film from a typical moviegoer point of view. Two opposites that have great radio personalities.

The Midnight Podcast
I am a noob when it comes to this podcast but as I started to listen to the podcast, I came to enjoy it and the host… Corey… was a great personality and he taught me a few things about the zombie genre. However, on January 22nd, Corey decided to stop doing the podcast because of some backlash he received. I love this podcast, just because it’s gone doesn’t mean you should not listen to the old episodes. They are great.

Night of the Living Podcast
Now several people host this podcast, several people who are extremely funny, very analytical and very entertaining. They are: Amy, Andy, Chriseck, Erica, Freddy and Kelley. Why do I love this podcast: because it’s so quotable and they really make some great points about horror.

Shu-Izmz Radio
Hosted by Chicago’s own Bryan Schuessler (who also writes for Horror Society), he reviews a good number of horror movies and he’s pretty damn funny. Honestly, I enjoy his podcast and I listen to him almost all the time. He has a great personality, a lot of times he doesn’t give a fuck and he has a great taste in horror. Give this guy a listen.

Dinner With Fiends
I only listened to one episode of this podcast (hosted by Uncle Creepy, Andrew Kasch and two other guys) and I immediately could not restrain myself from quoting every line in that who. I was not aware that Dread Central had it’s own podcast but it’s hysterical the hosts are extremely enjoyable to listen to. I had a blast from start to finish.

Cadaver Lab Horror Podcast
This podcast is a little milder at times but I enjoy it. From hosts Mike and Sam, they get in depth about horror and it’s a great listen for those really quiet nights. Highly recommended.

Now, there are several more that I did not list and there are several more that I was given but these are my personal favorites and the reasons why I love them. I suggest that you check those out and check out the ones that I did not list… also, if you have any that I did not list, please tell me. I will have links to all these podcasts along the right-hand side of the blog.

Dead Lantern: Splattercast
Horror Etc
Arrow in the Head: Blood, Bullets and Broads
Mail Order Zombie
Goreboy Radio
The Gentlemen's Grindhouse
Rotting Flesh Radio
Rue-Morgue Radio
Drunken Zombie
Dead Pixels


C.L. Hadden said...

I've been listening to Horror Etc since they started a few years ago and they are my fave - simply awesome.
Great post. These podcasters deserve our attention;)

B-Sol said...

Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Guys, give a listen to a new horror podcast put out by It's called Body Count. On itunes.

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