Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Ghosts of the House on Haunted Hilll

While looking through my DVD collection today I realized that I lost my DVD of the 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill. Now, this DVD was very close to me because my step-dad asked if I wanted to see it and I told him “yes.” Well, throughout the whole movie I had my hands over my eyes. There are several posts that I want to do on this movie but sadly I am not able to because I have to watch the movie. These posts would include: the movie’s sound design, a review of the movie and probably its art direction.

But, I do however want to showcase some screenshots of the ghosts that inhabit the house so that you can remember how well done they looked. To most, this may seem like a pointless post because its just pictures but I think this movie really revolutionized the design of ghosts. Rather than just having a ghost that looks like a person or a ghost that has big eyes and a big mouth, these ghosts are human but their bodies and faces have been mutilated beyond recognition. They enhance the notion that they are insane ghosts and make it obvious that there spirit will always be trapped in surgical hell. It’s an interesting design on the whole thing and I think it really works with this whole setting.

I hope you enjoy them.

This was the hardest one to capture.

I also heard that some of the ghost designs were lifted from the movie Ghost Story, which I guess I can see if you look hard enough.


James said...

Some really creepy images here! Some of these spooks look similar to the ones in Jacob's Ladder.

Unknown said...

Some of the ghost in the movie look like Cenobites from Hellraiser

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