Thursday, January 27, 2011

Surf Nazis Must...

It may not be horror but once you watch this all the way through you’ll be horrified to look at yourself for committing time to this garbage movie. That movie is the exploitation feature Surf Nazis Must Die from Troma Studios. I had a very enlightened discussion (via Twitter) with T.L. Bugg and Nic Gibson about possible sequels to this movie. You know, if Troma is ever desperate enough to consider it… here are some possible titles and plots that they could use.

- The French Existentialist version: Surf Nazis Must Sigh

- 50’s girl group version: Big Surf Nazis Don’t Cry

- Cannibal version: Surf Nazis on Rye

- X-treme sports version: Snowboard Nazis Will Fly

- The spinoff: Line Dancing Nazis are Closeted Guys

I think it’s also funny to note that the Nazis in this movie were almost all Brunette. There were maybe 5 or 6 ‘Nazis’ that fit the Arian description, which is why Mr. Bugg was correct when he said that it’s alternative title was Surf Nazis Must Dye. Thanks for making my eyes water… after choking on my sandwich.


Matt-suzaka said...

That's hysterical, though, I do enjoy that movie for how terrible it is! Dye is serious gold!

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