Friday, September 17, 2010

A Lecture from Alfred Hitchcock

Every time somebody says Alfred Hitchcock’s name I immediately think of something. No, it’s not Psycho; Rope, his posture or his infamous character but rather a scene in which he lectures us about the importance of birds while eating a Thanksgiving turkey. Why do I remember this? Well, a few years ago I dived into the Hitchcock realm and started to watch all his movies and during my journey I came across The Birds. I watched the trailer and throughout the entire 5 minutes of it, I could not help but laugh my ass off. I’ve never seen the director of a movie take part in the trailer for his own film. He was such a wonderful, lovable person that it soon became one of the most memorable ‘lectures’ that I can remember.

I guess the reason why I love it so much is because of the way he talks and acts. His voice is so charismatic and luring while his speech is highly intellectual and very captivating. The scene in which he decides not to eat the turkey is probably one of the best examples of dry humor that I can find and every time I watch it… I laugh. It’s also worthy to note that it’s a great example of satire and I immediately have a different view on The Birds because of it. It sends out a rather Green message and really pokes fun at the way people treat wild animals. Since I haven’t seen The Birds in a long time I’m not sure if they mention that the birds are rebelling against humans but if they don’t, this trailer obviously does.

All I can say is, they don’t make trailers like this anymore and I doubt they ever will.


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