Friday, August 20, 2010

The Horror Scholarship

The good folks at Star Costumes have decided to start, as far as we’re concerned, the first horror scholarship for students entering the horror industry. Now I am actually shocked and pleased to see a scholarship for horror and I guess it would make sense that a Halloween costume store would start one.

Eligibility Requirements:

Horror Scholarship candidates must meet the following criteria:

- A student with a 3.0 GPA;

- 18 years or older;

- who's currently studying full-time at a undergraduate or graduate post-secondary institution.

The student must be studying in a field designed to prepare them for work in the horror industry. This could include careers such as:

- Makeup artist

- Special effects artist

- Costume designer

- Set designer

- Lighting designer

- Film sound artist

- VFX/CGI artist

- Postproduction specialist

- Film critic

- Screenwriter

- Cinematographer

- Director

For more information, please visit the scholarship’s main page.


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