Monday, August 9, 2010

Above The Pants

Today I shall take a break from the normal horror talk and promote one of my ‘affiliates’ Buy Zombie. A while ago I became an indie reviewer for the site and with that came the dark task of digging up dead bodies to bring to my superior so that he may feast on their flesh and grow more and more stronger, eventually becoming immortal so that he could control the world!!!!!!!!! This, of course, is code for promoting.

Recently, Buy Zombie in association with iScream Productions launched a clothing site called Above The Pants. Though it may seem like they are only zombie related, once the store gets onit’s feet they’ll be selling a wider range of clothing: “From humor, to the macabre, to something naughty for the women, to something you can get away with wearing at work we are planning to bring you a little of everything!”

So there is my plug for the week. With that, I say: cremate your dead so I don’t have to dig them up later, or in other words, visit our site. Thanks!


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