Friday, July 23, 2010

The Thing From Another Closet (1999)

I am actually really pleased to present to you this video. It was a home movie that I made back in December of 1999 and it’s pretty much the first video/movie that I ever made. I took the original footage and added in some effects, sound effects and music to try put you into my mind as a kid. As I taped this, I would imagine the sound effects and music but never had the proper equipment to add it in.

The plot, from what I can remember and gather from the video footage, is this: a young boy who is innocently showing the audience around his grandparent’s apartment until he becomes the victim of the ghosts and monsters that live in the closet. While they occasionally torture him, he is still the dedicated documentarian and believes that the show must go on. So, I give you… The Thing From Another Closet.

Note: look for the reference to The Thing and the running joke of how many times I hit the camera lens.


Anonymous said...

Having parented this young film-maker, I can only say I appreciate his vision and ideas. He continues to amaze and amuse me!!! I love you my son!!! M

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