Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the Set of Greed

Well yesterday I had the opportunity to star in a horror-drama film that was being directed by my friend Frank Holly (he is the person I hang out with and end up doing crazy stuff around the city with) Well, I was the main character and his film was entitled Greed. The story is about a young man who runs into a mysterious Nomad and he offers the young man a red bean. Well, the beans give him what he desires most but what he doesn’t understand is that if you abuse this power, there are dire consequences to from it. It’s based on the saying “Lust, greed and anger are the gates to Hell,” which for my character is absolutely true.

Below are the production photos. We were shooting up off the Linden stop on the Purple Line all the way in Wilmette. We were shooting up near the Bahai Temple.

Nomad under a bridge

Close-up special effects shot of lighting a card on fire.

It just didn't want to stay lit.

Changing the film.

Painting the sign.

Ricky's babushka

The Nomad trots down the cobblestone road by the Temple

Private residence that looks like a White Castle.

Bahai Temple.

Ricky being an asshole!

Ear test 1.

Paint test.

Director - Frank Holly
Nomad - Joe McGahan
Young Man - Rick Romanowski

As you can see it was a fun time.


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