Saturday, April 10, 2010

Illuminati References in They Live

I actually found this short 30 minute or so documentary completely on accident. The documentary is entitled They Live, We Sleep (The Illuminati System). Essentially it’s about the movie They Live and how it relates to the Illuminati and not just aliens taking over the world. It’s a very jarring video and it made me think for a minute on some of the undertones that Carpenter put into this film and it’s even more proof that They Live is a very underrated movie to begin with. I knew that that movie was about the declining economy and how the world is fueled by a culture of greed and consumption and inevitably there will be an uprise of the common man. I never thought of seeing this film as an anti-Illuminati film… and I still don’t, however, it’s a great perspective on the movie itself.

Below are the videos. Watch them in order:

Now, I personally think there is an Illuminati although I don’t think They Live has anything to do with the group whatsoever. I think that the movie is a sociopolitical commentary on the Yuppie generation of the 80s and how their ideology is only based on greed and money, which this film does point out. The point of me showing these videos is to see what your reaction of the documentary is… do you agree with the documentary or do you see another subtext within the film?


Pax Romano said...

I am with you, this was Carpenter's comment on the Reagen era, plain and simple. People have always been sheep, we don't need a secret society to anesthetize the nation, just a glittery piece of something new (an iPad maybe). BTW, have you ever read the short story They Live is base on? It's called Eight O Clock in the Morning.

The Mike said...

Yeah, good stuff. I actually had a film history book for a course in college that spent a page and a half on why They Live is an important political movie, which made me happy. This is in the same vein, but adds some new cool stuff.

Thanks for posting!

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Pax: I have not although after seeing it again I now realize it was based on a book. I would like to find out where I could buy it.

The InvaluableDisk said...

I don't know how anybody who is awake COULD miss it! LoL. You just need to have your "EYE" open to catch it. It's right there in your face!

Anonymous said...

What's the video called cos I clicked the link and its not supported anymore so its not there. Can I find it on youtube or something?

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