Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Rant: Horror Forums

Much in the style of Bloofer Lady’s “Rants on Horror,” I feel the need to address something that has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks now. However, I feel as though I must tell the story before I can tell the problem so I will condense the story into a quick paragraph and not get into the gory details.

The Story
A while ago I joined a forum (which will remain unknown) that I decided to join because it was my first forum. After being banned for standing up to one of the moderators (he promised to put my friend’s pictures for a contest) I joined another forum. This forum was the best. There were only about 10 or 15 of us that really posted a lot and we were a family and my friend from the other forum joined me. It was nice, we bullshitted one another and we talked about horror and we had a good time. I was banned after getting into a fight with somebody but the administrator was kind enough to take me back and I settle my differences. One of the Moderators was somebody from Fangoria and he came to this forum to seek refuge. We didn’t mind because he was our friend. Soon, things took a turn for the worse and members started to join on the forum and began to start fights with all of us. I remained neutral and so did my friend. They began to drive away some of the members and by the end of it there were only about 5 of us left.

The administrator (a very nice guy) told us that the forum was dying and that he tried to contact the guy who owned the forum and the website but he never responded back and he stepped down from his administrator status. He left because of all the 20+ trolls that decided to flock over from Fangoria. Why did these 20+ trolls flock over from Fangoria… because our chief moderator had bad chemistry with them and they decided to rile up things. I stopped posting there for a while to let things simmer but when I logged on I found that my mailbox was filled with messages (15 to be exact) all of them were from the new members and they began to harass, domineer and bash me for no reason. Soon, they started to attack me on my website (this one) by sending me message through my contact tab and I started to get nasty emails from them. It spread to Twitter and I had several tweets from people calling me names and threatening me.

The Point
See, I never cared to know what the chief moderator’s beef was with Fangoria and I claimed ‘plausible deniability.’ The mere idea that I even talked to this guy was enough for them to verbally attack my family and I through Twitter, my website, the forum, MySpace and Facebook. Normally, I don’t ever take any of this stuff to heart and I move on but there use of words and the way they said things about me just got me so pissed (I am not going to post what they said cause I’ll only be adding to the fire). I am sick and tired of people like this and I never make big issues on small things like this but honestly… if you have no other time on your fucking hands but to go from forum to forum harassing people and calling them names then you are the one that is a fucking waste of a human body!! If you think you are so tough because you can talk shit about somebody behind a computer then that’s pathetic!! REAL PATHETIC!!!!!

I assume that people like that don’t feel useful in real life or they probably push-overs in real life so to compensate for that they go around on the internet and start trouble. Again, I did not want to start anything on this but I am because in the past 3 days I got 20 or so emails that were just to harass me!!!!! FUCK OFF!!!! You want to send me harassment emails… FINE!!! I’ll just delete them and not read them so you’re wasting your time and my time!!!!! AND… I’LL REPORT YOU TO FUCKING YAHOO AND BLOGGER ABOUT THIS!!! I don’t want to say fuck you to all the Fangoria members because that’s not the issue; the issue is the people that got banned from Fangoria to troll around said horror forum.

Forums are supposed to be for people who sincerely love horror and love to talk about horror with an occasional brawl here and there, but that’s it!!!! If your going to come on a forum and smash and bash people for no reason then you are the ones that have no life. You are the ones that need the reality check. You are the ones that obviously have some diluted idea that you are tough shit because you are bashing over the Internet. Ooooo you so big and mighty. Say that to somebody’s face and see what happens… I guarantee that you’re not just going to get banned.

People wonder why I don’t participate in forum discussions on big sites like Bloody Disgusting or Dread Central… it’s because I am done with forums! I have been banned from 2, left 3 and now I post on another site that is very super small with only like 5 people posting. I lost faith in big forums and I don’t care to come back to any of the ones that I left or were banned from.



CameronMcCasland said...

wow sounds like you've had a rough go of it the last few weeks.

jmcozzoli said...

When I first began exploring the horror scene online I joined the Fangoria Forums. I hoped to enter into intelligent discussions with fans about movies. What I got was pretty much the same BS, low-brow, shit-talking nonsense waste of time you're experiencing. Little minds have bigger mouths: must be nature's way of compensating I guess. Anyway, I dropped going to Fangoria's forum, and, frankly, no forums or groups have sparked my interest. They tend toward banal, bell-curve discussions, with a few dominating the taste and tone the messages take. I urge you to not give the matter any more attention, delete any emails immediately without reading, and focus on your blog and talking with other bloggers. We don't hide behind forums.

Bloofer Lady said...

I had some bad experiences on Fangoria myself due to one troll on there that nobody did anything about. If anybody disagreed with him he would call them names and wouldn't stop until you left the conversation entirely. Every single big horror forum that I have been on has had a rather large percentage of people on them who must not wield any power in real life so they try to get some by acting like internet tough guys.

As to what jmcozzili said, I agree that bloggers don't tend to 'hide'. However, I myself have experienced some outright hostility recently for having a difference of opinion. Even in the horror blogger community people will attack you for not thinking the same as they do. Others have been very passive agressive and have said that people should just be quiet and not rock the boat as it were.

What it comes down to is that you should never be afraid to voice your opinion on a subject and if people can't deal with you having a different opinion then that is their problem, not yours. If every single person thought alike it would be a very bland world we would live in.;-)

the jaded viewer said...

Yeah forums are such a mess when it comes to talking about horror. That's why I like the horror blogosphere. Somebody posts something interesting, we all comment on it, comment on each others comments and its pretty much civilized...well for horror fans that is.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fangoria,I swear to god that someone or more than one had it in for me
during the period where I was actually able
to post things,one day I tried logging in and long and behold it seemed as if my account there
was no more. I am 100% sure that I got banned
for some unknown reason.

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