Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Thing Week: Fan Made Posters

It’s undeniable that all horror fans (at least I think so) know what The Thing’s poster looks like, even if you’re not a huge horror fan and have never watched it, it’s impossible to say that you’ve never seen it. For today, I decided showcase some of the awesome posters from The Thing… but they’re not your typical run-of-the-mill “official” poster, no, these are some amazing fan made posters that I found. It just goes to show you that a film that’s 25+ years old is still going strong in the minds of so many people. There are way more than the ones that I have here but these were some of my personal favorite, if you want to see more you can scroll through Deviant Art for some great posters that didn’t make the post.

This retro 50's style poster is one of my favorite of all the ones that use this polygonal type of design. This poster was created by Travis Pitts who has done a lot of these style posters.

Created by Strong Stuff on Deviant Art, Strong Stuff explains his love for The Thing: "i love the sense of dread and uncertainty that the film delivers, even upon repeat viewings. and there's just something to be said about action/horror ensemble casts from the 80's...from "the thing" to "aliens" to "predator", it just seems like filmmakers knew how to flesh out supporting characters well enough to make you genuinely care about them. seems kinda like a lost art to me."

These two posters were created by the Fro Design Co. They definitely have a pseudo 80's/70's vibe about them, with my personal favorite being the first one of the two.

Another Deviant Art submission. This poster was created by Small Town Hero and resembles what would be a great modernized version of the poster, if not… it looks like the type of poster what would be on The Thing's DVD box had it been released this decade. Small Town Hero explains, "I wanted this poster to have macready and 'the thing' creature on it, along with really dark blue colors and a flare on the snow behind, to let off that really cool red color."

These posters are another Deviant Art find. Created by elsantownage. They're a loving throw back to non-hand-drawn posters of the 80's. The top resembles an actual theatrical poster from the film whereas the bottom resembles the cover of the film's novelization.

Created by 3-D Monster, he explains, "The title is "The Thing",based on the John Carpenter 1982 classic. I wanted to remake the original poster in a more minimalistic style featuring the alien blood as it tries to squirm away. I really wanted to try & capture that moment of sheer terror."

Created by Thom Wulf on Deviant Art. This poster also has that polygonal design to it and works well as a fan-made teaser poster. The serious look MacReady has on his face accompanied by the opened mouth of razor sharp teeth behind him.

And of course, the others…

Please note that, the last three posters didn't receive artist credit because I wasn't sure who designed them. If you know the designers or if you are the designer, please leave me a comment so that I can properly credit you. Thanks.


Fatally Yours said...

Awesome post and wonderful posters!

Patrick said...

That was a cool post. I've been a horror fan my entire life. I remember watching The Omen when I was about 7 years old; terrified and loving it. Exorcist damaged me as well.

The Thing (John Carpenter) is such a fantastic horror/sci-fi movie. First, Kurt Russel: Awesome. Second, live effects. The real deal is always going to kick ass on CGI. The mood was exquisite. No taint of romance, just anxiety, horror, and a hefty serving of paranoia.

Classics are the foundation upon which all modern horror is built. I am tremendously grateful to Carpenter for creating this masterpiece. And, of course, Kurt Russel is a legend. Respect.

Thanks for the great post. I'm going to watch this movie again tonight. Keep up the good work and thanks for representing the goodness of the horror genre.

Dream well.

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Thanks, Patrick, for sharing your experience and thoughts on The Thing. It lets people know just how immortalized the film is.

Lauren said...

That last one is by Tyler Stout i'm pretty sure.

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