Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Chicago Fog

A few days ago it was really nice in Chicago with a nice warm temperature and cool breeze blowing in from the West. However, with the wind came a thick layer of fog that rendered it nearly impossible to see in front of you. The buildings were nearly impossible to see and they looked like giant monoliths that peered out from the haze. It sort of reminded me of The Fog and The Mist and it’s kind of creepy; it’s pretty creepy when you see a boat just disappear as it pierces through a wall of fog. So naturally I couldn’t resist taking a few picture and the only editing that I did was turning them black and white. I think it looks better that way.


Anonymous said...

That is amazing. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

This fog is determined. I'm just as fascinated. I've seen it countless times this spring. Wonderful pictures.

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