Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Saw Memorial

With the Saw series finally, and hopefully, over… many people have been creating tribute videos and memorial websites for the legacy that Saw left behind. Now, I am one of the few who didn’t like the Saw franchise (at least everything from Part 3 to the end). However, I still have to respect the franchise for giving us a breath of fresh air and creating one of the greatest horror movie villains. Well, the folks at Lions Gate UK went ahead and created a memorial video as well as a great infographic on the Saw series. He explains:

“To celebrate the last Saw movie, Saw: The Final Chapter (and the box-set Saw: The Final Cut), we quickly filmed and edited a fun little video trailer to celebrate and (literally) bury the series and a decent info-graphic, which gets across a lot of the series info into once place.”

Below is the memorial video and the infographic, however you may need to click on the image to see it bigger. It tells a lot of great information about the entire Saw series and gives a great profile on each movie.

I hope you enjoy.


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