Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Concealing the Intruder

I want to first go on the record and say that Intruder was phenomenal. Sure it had its corny moments but as far as the technicalities go, the film was a major achievement in terms of slasher. Not only where we brought to the days of Black Christmas with its lighting schematic but director Scott Spiegel two underrated techniques to give this serial killer movie an edge. The first was the clever editing style, which I will elaborate on soon. The Second, and the one I want to show, is the way he cleverly conceals the killer. We’ve seen this happen many times before, but at times he tributes Halloween and times when it’s original. Most of them reminded me of an art house movie, or at least a time when the atmosphere of the film overshadowed the body count.

Below are pictures of the kills but notice how in a couple of them Spiegel decides to hide the killer’s identity. It’s rather genius in some cases.

I think it’s funny that a movie that’s 21 years old still has technicalities that horror movies today don’t have. Movies of today lack what Intruder has. It goes to show you that just because you have a big budget doesn’t mean the movie will be good.


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