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horror Blogger Cuisine: Food & Horror Movies Part 2

Still hungry? Well you are in luck. A lot of horror bloggers have sent me so many suggestions that I had to create a whole new post for the dinner and dessert menu. I hope you are hungry because we are diving into a smorgasbord of food and horror.


Mozzarella sticks – Nightmare on Elm Street (HorrO)

These delicious sticks come breaded in fine, seasoned breadcrumbs and packed with oh-so gooey, stringy, juicy mozzarella cheese. Their deep fried crunchy taste compliments the burnt, brittle skin of Freddy’s fingers. And what better dip to use than a nice small bowl of saucy marinara? It’s the perfect meal starter to go with such an appetizing movie.

Deviled Egg eyeballs – Halloween (Drive-In Dan)

Michael may have the eyes of a monster and no personality but that doesn’t mean you have to either. Why not celebrate the Halloween dinner by giving your family something nifty for an appetizer? These hardboiled, green-colored, olive ridden treats are perfect to show off your more morbid but playful side. Remember, behind the mask may be a monster but even a monster couldn’t resist this starter.


Angel hair pasta – The Grudge (Jeff Martin)

Treat your family to a nice Italian dish and a great surrealistic Asian horror flick. This creamy, delicate plate of fresh angel hair pasta accents the epitome of the powerful grudge in the film. The long, smooth, white pasta is the perfect balance to the Grudge’s blank, stringy hairs of death. It’s such a perfect combination that you might actually be eating all your grudges away.

Roasted chicken – Night of the Living Dead (Donna Bleed)

Gather around the big ‘ol table, pop in your favorite family horror romp and carve into a nice bronzed, buttery, roasted chicken. It’s the perfect meal for the family while they enjoy Romero’s uneasy, social breakdown of society. The chicken may be dead but that doesn’t mean you or your family has to. Appreciate your loved ones and realize that putting a bullet in their brains is the loving thing to do when they try to attack you… but not before you enjoy your delicious Butterball chicken.

Rack of ribs – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (B-Stank)

Slather some nice, big, juicy, fresh ribs up with any type of barbecue sauce you can think while you enjoy this gritty, summer based horror flick. There is no other way to celebrate a good ‘ol fashion Texas chainsaw massacre than to cook up some ribs. Those delicious, moist, soft rib mean just rolls off the bones as you watch the Sawyer family devour the bodies of six youths. It’s a perfect dish to any summer cannibal movie.

Pizza – House of the Devil (StuBoo)

Don’t feel like cooking or preparing something big, or maybe you are not in the mood for something too brutal or mind boggling… than order a nice pizza with your choice of toppings! It’s simple, standard and yet very refreshing. It’s a perfect pair to the refreshing yet simple House of the Devil. But remember, the voices or growls you hear in your house are just the sounds of your stomach.

Casserole – The Toxic Avenger (Donna Bleed)

Freshly baked from the ovens of Tromaville, this seemingly disgusting bowl of what looks like toxic waste is actually a delicious freshly made casserole. It’s no wonder why such a dish would be paired up with The Toxic Avenger. The soft, buttery green beans matches to Toxie’s green, bubbly skin and the rest of the casserole accents the cheese that can be found throughout the movie.

Cheesy spaghetti ‘n sauce – Cube Zero (Kristin)

You don’t need an advanced degree in geometry to love spaghetti marinated in melted, gooey cheese and fresh made marinara. This dish explodes with flavor as it rolls down your throat. The red marinara goes well with the rich red blood of Cube Zero’s kills, the oh-so gooey cheese is a perfect match for the film’s cheesy acting and the warm delicate noodles are a must for the film’s somewhat stringy plot. You may be wondering why you were trapped in a giant tesseract, but you’ll be glad they at least gave you this flavorful dish.

Beef tartare – Day of the Dead (Drive-In Dan)

In the mood for something a little more meaty and mashed? Dive into a nice slab of soft, pink, ground beef seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices. This delicate dish fit with any ‘living dead’ movie but is an even better match with Day of the Dead. The soft, pink texture of this dish highlights some of the greatest bullet-to-brain kill shots in the film, as they burst with chunks of red, juicy goodness. Enjoy this dish on some garlic bread chips, or with an egg yolk, or raw and juicy the way Bub likes it.

Country fried steak and corn on the cob – Critters (Barry Goodall)

Spending the weekend on the farm and don’t know what to watch or cook? Than country fried steak, a side of nice buttered corn on the cob and Critters is the perfect thing for you? This delicious dish consists of lightly breaded, tender, juicy, all-natural steak with creamy, warm gravy drizzled over it. It’s a great choice as you watch the Crites devour some man flesh of their own. But you shouldn’t take the film, or this dish too seriously so serve up some juicy, yellow corn on the cob to match the film’s buttery goodness.


Fudge tracks ice cream – The Human Centipede (Matt Suzaka)

In the mood for something a little more unusual for dessert? Want something a little more daring? Than open up lid and help yourself to a serving of nice Fudge tracks ice cream while you watch three people get sewn from buttocks to mouth. You’ll wonder why this perfectly, smooth and creamy ice cream fits well with such a vile movie. Wonder no more.

Cake – Happy Birthday To Me (Donna Bleed)

What better way to celebrate meal’s end than with the family dead or alive. Strap the corpses in, force those that are living to stay and bring out the fresh, sugary smelling cake for all to enjoy. This soft, spongy, buttery cake is perfect for anybody with a sweet tooth and what better way to cure it with a slice of cake and lovely, warm-hearted movie about celebrating your long-lost sister’s birthday?

Baked Alaska – The Thing (Donna Bleed)

Want something along the lines of hot and cold? Than baked Alaska is the thing for you. This delicious dessert consists of soft-serve ice cream, lined with slices of buttery smooth sponge cake, fluffy pudding and topped with meringue. It’s a perfect compliment to The Things motto: the best things are better off warm and gooey. However, it is traditional to yell out “Yeah, fuck you too!” as you set ablaze your dessert.

Sno-caps – The Shining (Chandra Repple)

These delicious but simple treats are just eager to get out of their box, just like Jack Torrence and the Overlook. Pop open a box of these morsels, sit back, enjoy the nice fire as you treat yourself to a brutal, psychological horror flick. They may seem like an odd pair but you’ll feel a little more secure with them melting in your mouth.

Roasted Marshmallows – Friday the 13th (Drive-In Dan)

Bring out the bond fire; grab a couple of sticks and some marshmallows ‘cause were going camping! This campfire favorite is the perfect treat while you watch the campgrounds of Crystal Lake turn red with blood. The warm gooey marshmallow middle praises the films sticky plot and it’s bronzed exterior foreshadows the half-baked stories soon to come.

Funnel cake – The Funhouse (Barry Goodall)

Experience the fun of being at the fair without ever leaving your house! This delicious, sweetened dessert is perfect for anybody who wants to watch an equally sweet romantic horror flick. The crisp, golden, flakey cake batter melts in your mouth jus as the film descends into a colorful nightmare. The rich, powdery sugar sprinkled across the treat reminds you that in the grand scheme of horror movies, The Funhouse really is a fun movie.


Red Bull and cranberry juice – Re-Animator (The Strange Kid)

Want to spruce up your evening? Well, you don’t need a vile of glowing green liquid to do so. This wonderful yet energetic mix of Red Bull and cranberry juice is just the thing. It’s powerful thrust of energy matches with the films absurdity and the thirst-quenching taste of cranberry juice adds to the film’s blood soaked story. It’s a perfect drink to kick back to.


As an extra bonus, Nicole Mikuzi and Megan Owens of Slash & Dine gave me great food write-up. Here is their contribution!

Rosemary’s Baby Back Ribs with Rosemary Potatoes

A simple plot with an amazing outcome can only be paired with a simple dish that comes out oh so good. We like to nestle in to a night of terror watching Rosemary’s Baby with a big plate of freshly butchered ribs and a side of baked potatoes. Add some rosemary herb to those potatoes to compliment the sweet and savory barbecue sauce on the ribs and your mouth will thank you. This dish is absolutely devilish and lets face it, Rosemary could have used some meat on those bones. Stay turned to Brutal As Hell’s Slash & Dine column to get the full recipe and some drink ideas to wash it all down.

I want to thank everybody who helped me out with this. It took a lot of time to give out good descriptions of the dish, to find the right graphics, to organize them and to make sure that everybody got in. Again, not many people made it to the final write up but maybe I might do this again sometime… ‘cause you can’t get enough food and horror.

I would really like to thank the editing staff of Lost Highway for giving me so many good suggestions that I had to take a step back to scream. Thanks guys, you made the list all the more longer!!


HorrO said...

I know this was hard work, but it came out to be a great post. Thanks for including my idea. I particularly liked angel hair pasta and the Grudge, beef tartare and Day of the Dead, and fudge tracks ice cream and the Human Centipede. That last one is really disgusting. I might not be eating anything with fudge for a long time, which is good (I need to diet lol).

B.STANK said...

Great job! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

X said...

Nice work, Sir! Thanks for letting me contribute.

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

You guys are all very welcome! I love when other horror bloggers contribute to great things. These were all great ideas that I could have never come up with!

Nicole + Megan @ SlashAndDine said...

Thanks for including ours! These are all great ideas! We're so glad the joy of cooking & watching horror flicks is spreading! Kind of like a virus. Braaaains!

Chicago Maids said...

I love the food list but you cannot make me watch horror flicks. I'll just happily eat the food. I don't need a horror movie to motivate me to eat all that. They all look delicioso!

asian horror said...

Horror and food go together so well , unless its a really gorey movie lol

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