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Horror Blogger Cuisine: Food & Horror Movies

A while ago (about a week or so) my buddies Dod and The Grave Stomper were talking about food and horror movies. I’m not sure why we brought it up but it inspired me to think about what types of food go with different types of horror movies. I was suddenly reminded of all those books on pairing up good food with good wine… so I asked around the horror blogger community to see what are some of their favorite food and horror movie combinations. I complied a ‘menu’ of different types of pairings and maybe it might inspire some of you to try these combinations. So I give you the horror blogger Food & Horror Movies ‘cookbook.’

NOTE: Not everybody's suggestions made it in. I had to cut things out for length.


Jell-O & Slither (by Matt Suzaka)

What can be better than waking up to a nice plate of chilled red Jell-O and your favorite killer alien movie? With its sharp flavor of cherry, its vibrant color of red, and its wet gelatin body… this all-American dish is a perfect morning starter alongside the classic alien invasion movie Slither.


Tapioca pudding – The Fly ’86 (by Matt Suzaka)

Have you ever had that craving of something white, goopy and good tasting while watching BrundleFly puke up a nice glob of vomit for his victims? With its white, saucy goodness… tapioca pudding is the best combination for such a movie. It’s stale yellow and white coloring compliments the warm bile rising of BrundleFly and makes the entire dish a must for late mornings.

Toasted cheese sandwich – Psycho 2 (by Drive-In Dan)

Just like the way mother use to make them, these wonderful sandwiches are perfect for filling you up just long enough till lunchtime rolls around. Their toasted, bronzed bread compliments the wooden exterior of the Bates Motel and their yellow, smooth, stringy cheese fits perfectly for what lies at the heart of Psycho 2.


Tempura shrimp – Ichi The Killer (by Jeff Martin)

This crunchy, sweetened display of shrimp goes great with a side of fresh cooked soba and a nice bowl of donburi, but they also compliment the hardened masochistic personality of Ichi the Killer. What better way to start off the afternoon with a delicious taste that stuns the taste buds and a sadistic, bloody movie to earn you confidence for the rest of the day?

Fried Chicken – House of 1000 Corpses (by Donna Bleed)

It’s okay to spoil yourself every now and then; so diving into a big bucket of crunchy, seasoned fried chicken is a must for a quick afternoon lunch. The juicy, white meat fits well with a serving of Rob Zombie’s acid trip movie House of 1000 Corpses. With Captain Spaulding’s secret recipe, we’re sure you will crazy figuring out why it tastes so good. Remember, the secret is in the meat.

Sloppy Joes – Re-Animator (by Chad Morelock)

Who could resist the fragrance of dead, fresh-cooked, shredded meat slathered on a sesame bun? Sloppy Joes are the perfect taste quencher for any afternoon and go better while watching a simple movie about the dead coming back to life. The wonderful, soft-tasting beef compliments the shredded, bloody mess of a film that is Re-Animator. The Sloppy Joes’ own meat juices and the pool of blood where Carl’s head lies in have been said to be a match made in Heaven.

White rice –The Lost Boys (by Corin White)

Not in the mood for something big or filling for lunch? Don’t fret, for we have the solution for you. Steamed white rice! Though not much to look at, these delicious white rice pellets go great topped with smooth, creamy butter or battered in flakes of cinnamon and sugar. This delicious dish fits well with any blood-sucker movie, but many have found this to go best along side The Lost Boys.

Cheeseburger – Halloween II (by Terry Coe)

Are you in the mood for some good old fashion, all-American cooking? Then grab the buns and pop on a cheesy movie because cheeseburgers will be on the menu. Covered, in goopy cheese and resting on a slightly toasted bun, these wonderful sandwiches go hand in hand while watching of the cheesiest movies of all time… Halloween II. Let the warm juices sooth your soul while your eyes feast upon the overdone mess of Halloween II.

Italian sausage – Demons (by Barry Goodall)

Who could resist the smell of delicious, smoked Italian sausage resting on the grill and the visual of seeing demons attacking those you love? With Italian sausage, you can’t go wrong. The sausages pink, white spotted outer casing and its juicy, white, crunchy inside perfectly atones to the deformed, greasy, spotted skin of those possessed by demons. It’s a light lunch but Demons is a sure thing to wake you up for the next half of the day.


Beefy nachos – The Thing (by Dod March)

Though it may look like a pile of deformed, twisted and melted skin… it’s a perfect fit for a movie as gory and bloody as The Thing. The nachos give the viewer that sensation of bones crunching and breaking as the Thing slowly turns into the animal/person that it infected. The mounds of fresh ground beef and cheese give the viewer that feeling of slurping down the remains of whatever the Thing assimilated. Though it may just be a snack at first, it will definitely get you ready for supper.

Bacon-Wrapped Grapes – The Hills Have Eyes (by The Strange Kid)

What can be better than enjoying a nice bowl of bacon-wrapped grapes and your favorite family cannibalistic movie? This flavorful snack comes with crispy, hickory-smoked bacon delicately wrapping a juicy purple grape and fried to golden perfection. It’s a perfect snack that goes great while watching a extreme, graphic depictions of deformed mutants munching down on raw man-flesh. Either way you slice it, it’s a great meal to tide you over till supper.

Gummy Bears – The Blob (by McBastard)

Ah yes, why not relive your days of childhood playtime, innocents and the fear of the unknown in space? These little rubbery pieces of confectionary, colored by the rainbows, are an ideal matchup while watching the same red-rubbery substance eat, mangle and terrorize small town America. The gummy bear’s rubbery exterior makes the viewer wonder, what if I really am eating the Blob? And if so, would it devour my insides like an infectious parasite?

Peanut butter pickles – Evil Dead (by The Strange Kid)

Ever love the sour, wet taste of pickles and the war, creamy, nutty taste of peanut butter? Well, peanut butter pickle sandwiches are a must for you! This wonderful delicacy fits with any choice of Evil Dead movie but many people found themselves enjoying it with the original. The warm buttery taste of peanuts assures us that it’s a movie that’s not meant to be serious but the sour, sharp tastes of pickles remind the viewer that it is a horror movie.

Fish sticks – Piranha (by Donna Bleed)

Think about the nice cool breeze brushing up against your hair, the smell of the catch of the day, the blood soaked waters crashing up on your boat… it’s another afternoon on the high seas. With these deep fried and battered fish sticks and a flick about killer piranha, who can go wrong? The rich stank of over-processed fish tribute the rank and cheesy Jaws rip off. But look at it this way; it’s better to eat fish than to have one eat you.

Pop rocks – The Tingler (by Donna Bleed)

We all love pop rocks and we all love that special little tingling feel that we get in the back of our throats when we have them, so, what better way to honor that sensation by watching The Tingler? With its creepy composition and its frightening creature design, it’s sure to send shivers down your already tingling spine. The only good thing is that you don’t have to worry about the Tinger… for now.

Fluffernutter sandwich – The Stuff (by T.L. Bugg)

This wonderful sandwiched blend of rich, creamy peanut butter and white, fluffy, sweetened marshmallow crème is perfect for anybody who is in the mood for a light snack and a light horror flick. The creamy white filling compliments the rich, exuberant visual of the Stuff mounding up on people ready to devour them. With how rich in flavor this snack is you’ll wonder why your mouth hasn’t exploded with marshmallow froth.

Roasted sunflower seeds – The Birds (by Drive-In Dan)

We’re taking a trip to the farm! These wonderfully, flavorful, salted treats are a perfect snack before supper. Though they aren’t as popular today as they were back then, this nostalgic trip isn’t complete without a little movie known as The Birds. With their crunchy shells and delicious center, it’s no wonder why they go good with such a film.

Potato chips – Lifeforce (by Barry Goodall)

Crack open a nice bag of sea-salted potato chips as you dive into this sci-fi classic. The wonderful taste of fresh cut potatoes, gentle ridges and salted sides make this combination a much for anybody that wants a little snack. While your enjoying your this wonderfully colorful, effects-ridden gem you may find yourself asking why this combination works so well… the answer is in the movie.



HorrO said...

Very interesting menu especially bacon wrapped grapes. Never heard of that. Great movie combinations.

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Way cool! I'm going to have enough weird cuisine to last me until summer, really great article!

Dod said...

This post has made me incredibly hungry.

What a great list! That was fun talking about food and horror a while back - they do go hand-in-hand!

Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Thanks guys! The second part will feature appetizers, dinner, dessert, snacks and drinks. :)

Donna Bleed said...

How exciting! I love seeing the other ideas!

Matt-suzaka said...

Wow, The Stuff and fluff are a winning combo! I'll have a side of Chocolate Chip Charlie cookies to go along with mine! Good stuff!

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