Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paradise Promotions

Yes folks, this is the first ever installment of Paradise Promotions and this weekend I will be promoting two things: one is for Halloween and the other is a personal promotion to help out a friend.

Trick ‘r Treat & Halloween Posters

Yes, Steve of The Lost Highway has drawn up some

amazing posters for both of these Halloween themed movies and I strongly urge you to get one. They are incredibly drawn and very nicely made. Now, before you go and think that I am being a suck-up or brown noser… you should now that I was always a fan of Steve’s work ever since I started reading his blog.

“This is it! The limited double feature 18” by 24” silk screen printing of 2 of the greatest Halloween films ever made both together in on poster. John Carpenter’s “Halloween” together with the more recent hit “Trick ‘r Treat.” These custom illustrations are printed on vintage French brand stock paper and printed with traditional silk screen process just like the old days.”

Order yours now!

The Bob And Harvey Show

This is the podcast that my, let me get this all the way, high school district A/V specialist teacher co-founded. His name is El’Ahrai Stanek and he was sort of a guide and a wise old master to me when I was in high school. He introduced me to many horror films and we carried on a lot of horror related conversations. His podcast that he does with his buddy John is actually really good and pretty funny at times. I strongly urge you to give it a listen if you love movies, more movies and other movies.

“Since September 2006 John and El’Ahrai have been talking movies, more movies, other movies and DVDs and recording it for your listening pleasure. Obviously these two love movies. I mean they really truly love movies. And not even just the good ones, between the two of them they have enough copies of Battlefield: Earth and Day of the Animals to choke a monkey. John’s dedication to hyper-violent yet sensitive art films and El’Ahrai’s love for surrealistic horror have sparked many debates on the program. But those are often the best programs."

Give them a listen.

That concludes this weekend’s Paradise Promotions.


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